HSA Networks

Networking is a key feature of HSA engagement. This works as a tool for extend its activities and enable smooth advocacy. While the agenda and areas of advocacy are formed through intensive research- the network helps to provide better chances for awareness and policy engagement. The Human Security Alliance (HSA) has three types of networks.

  • Network on Human Security
  • Scholars Network for Peace and
  • IDP Network

HSA Engagement with Regional Network

HSA has been engaged with several regional networks. This is besides, the organizational own network. These networks range from Network against Torture to Solidarity Network. These gives visibility as well as connect for smoother campaigning activities. HSA is currently pat of the following networks and coalition:

  • Mekong Migration Network (MMN)
  • Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN)
  • Network Against Torture
  • Solidarity for Asian People's Advocacy (SAPA)
  • Burma Round Table (BRT)


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