Major Achievements of HSA

HSA has been working in the region more than half of decade. Beside providing training and capacity development course to five hundred development activists, government officials and individuals, HSA has conducted specific research and advocacy. Some of HSA’s important accomplishments over the last 6 years are presented in a tabular format below:


Major Tasks


We have now run our 3rd Basic Course on Human Security. We have highly accredited professors, practitioners and staff who lecture on current and progressive curriculum in Human Security. HSA continues to be one of the main and only certificate programs on Human Security issues for working professionals

A certificate of good standing is awarded to participants upon completion of the course and our students develop sound skills and knowledge on current Human Security issues which they bring back to their respective positions, jobs and professions all over the world.

In 2009, we conducted a project on Transitional Justice as well as Traditional Peace and Justice Mechanisms - where we studied the Southeast Asian regional accounts on the issues. This was followed by mapping and advocacy on the topic with our member groups and network.

Advocacy work has been submitted and studies are ongoing. We continue to monitor and access the success and shortcomings of Transitional Justice.

HSA conducted initial consultation on Burma and the effect of international isolation on the regime. After several field works and meetings, it identified that more engagement is needed for changing the situation in Burma: the sanction needs to be smart and selective, International common positioning and engagement with the business community is needed. The result was disseminated through a subsequent regional consultation and several advocacy meetings.

The advocacy work helped to pursue international community and several of them has changed the approach toward Burma and engaged more. The sanction also took new shape through incorporating smart strategies.

HSA took disaster response program and

provided monitoring report as well as training. Besides, urgent supply of relief materials, HSA took a long-term plan to work with the community.


In Bangladesh 8,000 and in Burma 15,000 people are directly benefited.

HSA conducted mapping, advocacy and capacity building at Cambodia and Thailand targeting the ethnic minority women and children, who are the victims of trafficking due to their statelessness and denial of their livelihood rights.

This has given the targeted section the understanding and enabled them to select strategies to deal with the problem.

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