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HSA Certificates!

HSA certificates for professionals in human security! We have the number one and only certificate program in human security studies!

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Conflict Transformation

Promotion of child rights in conflict and transition HSA promotes the democratic process and people's participation in Nepal.

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Excluded Community

HSA Strives to promote the security of the excluded community by addressing their right to information in Cambodia.  

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Constitutional Recognition

HSA works for the participatory democratic process and recognition of the rights of the unrepresented population in Nepal.    

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The Human Security Alliance works to create regional coordination for human security through a networked alliance of organizations and specialists that are assisting communities and organizations in addressing their human security challenges.


HSA members are now represented in 12 countries as well as many regional South and Southeast Asia offices. Besides our partners in North and Arab Asia, are currently activity areas, we have extended our presence to Geneva, Switzerland and Brussels, Belgium for greater advocacy purpose.


HSA Nepal is fully operational since January 2013 under the leadership of Mr. Janak Sharma, the country representative for HSA Nepal.

HSA has launched its country operation in Bangladesh on June 2, 2011 through its Dhaka office.



HSA is associate member of the Mekong Migration Network (MMN).

HSA Joined The Asia Pacific Solidarity Coalition (APSOC) to Promote South-South Solidarity, Human Security and Peace.

HSA is actively involved with Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN).



Human Security Alliance (HSA) is calling for your support to STOP violence against children.



Calling for Application to the 5th Human Security Basic Course (December 1-7, 2013)

Security Alliance (HSA) is calling for the application to the 5th Basic Course on Human Security would be held on December 1 to 7, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. This course has an average turnout of 250 international applicants each year. The participatory assessment rated it as excellent. Both academic and practitioners have been joining this in-house course. It will include 7 modules consisting of human rights, development, peace-security and relevant mechanisms. For assistance applicants are requested to contact with Mr. Gabriel Baroi at or HSA secretariat at Please download the Course Brochure and the Application Form and send it by November 10, 2013. Only the selected applicants will be communicated on November 12, 2013.

Calling for the 1st Basic Training of Trainers (ToT) (January 13-15, 2014)

Human Security Alliance (HSA) is calling for the 1st Basic Training of Trainers (ToT) focused on Community Based Disaster Preparedness would be held on January 13 to 15, 2014 at the Thai beach city Pattaya. This course is open for practitioners from NGO, government Agencies and development activists. The course include the basics of ToT, DRR, and CBDP. For assistance interested participants are requested to communicate with Mr. Gabriel Baroi at or HSA secretariat at Please download the ToT Brochure and the Application Form and send it by December 15, 2013. Only the selected applicants will be communicated on December 20, 2013.

ACHE Mission to Assess the Post Conflict Peace Process

Human Security Alliance (HSA) has conducted a mission to ACHE, Indonesia from April 1 to 15, 2012. The mission has an assessment of the post conflict peace process in ACHE. The brief outcome on the mission has emphasized the functional democracy as core for the success of the peace process. The mission learning has related the post conflict political peace with the social development process. This is a experiential mission to explore the understanding about other regional peace process.

Country Profile on Human Security

Human Security Alliance (HSA) is going to develop the country profile on human security for South, Southeast and North Asian countries. This is a part of its Human Security Report Project. To make it more participatory and accountable HSA is seeking your inputs in writing on the context and aspects of human security in your country. This will help to lead the debate and discussion through country consultation by experts. Please write to us at or

Promoting Environmental Democracy in Asia

Human Security Alliance (HSA) has taken an initiative for improving the environmental democracy in Asian countries by guaranteeing people's participation in environmental decision making process. This is expected that Climate Change and Adoptation (CCA) process will be helped in tackling consequences due to climate change. Please write to us explaining your thoughts and local experience to deal with environmental issues through people's participation at or


Members News

Highlights of Member's and Partners Activities

Human Security Alliance (HSA) has 14 members in 12 countries and 5 regional partners. The recent highlights of our member's activities are:

CTF Remains Dis-functional

After the disappearance of Mr. Razik, one of the trustee of CTF, the organization is still under the management of the Sri Lanka Government's management. HSA along with other regional organizations are waiting to resume working with CTF soon.

Odhikar is Under Pressure

Odhikar, a prominent human rights organization of Bangladesh, urges international solidarity for its work in the country. There are reports of government's continuous pressure against the human rights organization due to its strong position against forced disappearance, extra judicial killing and boarder killing.  There is intentional solidarity for Odhikar by FIDH, Human Rights Watch, ACHR, Forum Asia and ANFREL.

People's Empowerment Foundation promoting P2P

People's Empowerment Foundation is promoting People to People (p2p) activities in the region. This is expected to bring solidarity among the people of Southeast Asian countries and address the conflicting issues among the countries in a peaceful means. Specially Thai- Cambodian relationship shall have a people face rather that includes people's voice in the process.

HSA Updated


HSA Joint Statement Against Violence Against Rohinghya

HSA along with Odhikar and Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) in a joint statement on October 26, 2012 condemn the recent violence against Rohingya ethnic Muslim in Rakhine state of Myanmar. In the statement the organizations demanded international inquiry to the events and punishment of the perpetrators. To read more click here.

HSA Response to New Arrival of Boat People

HSA along with its' network and partners have organized round table and discussion during May and June, 2011 about the fresh arrival of boat people this year. There are news on international media showing clearly the evidance of such arrival and the mistreatment they are facing. CNN's Dan Rivers explores the story of brothers Pheum Dina and Pheum Bolin, who were lured from Cambodia to work on the fishing boats three years ago. They say they were imprisoned on a Thai trawler for 3 months – with no pay and no chance to escape. They were slaves at sea. Sometimes the boats are floating prisons crewed by slaves. (CNN,2011). See video here!

Advocacy for Pro-refugee Policies

Human Security Alliance (HSA) as its regular advocacy activities emphasis for pro-refugee policy in Asian countries. Conducting its recent visit for pursuing the Government of Korea and Japan, HSA engaged with the civil society organizations of those countries with a aim to have a larger opportunity for resettlement of Asian refugees in Asian countries. The visit took place during February 2011.

Exploring Scholars Role for Peace Building in South Thailand

HSA and Chulalongkorn University has taken a joint initiative for exploring the opportunity to engage the scholars as an interlocutory for peace building in Southern Thailand. This combines research, developing scholars network for peace building and advocacy. The duration of the project is a year.

The 3rd Basic Course on Human Security

The 3rd Basic Course on Human Security was very successful with attending professionals and practitioners from around Asia, Africa and India. The Human Security Alliance (HSA) and Mahidol University collaborated on the 3rd Basic Course on Human Security. The course was attended by 31 professional and practitioner participants from the Southeast Asia region, including Malaysia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam. Other participants were from India, Nepal, Mongolia, South Africa, Australia, Sudan and other Indian Ocean

Regional Workshops on Statelessness and IDP's

Human Security Alliance (HSA), APRRN and TRRC has jointly organized two regional conference on statelessness and IDPs in Asia. Joined by over 60 participants the workshop has provided a clear workplan for enhancing the cooperation among the civil society organization and actors dealing with those issues. This workshop has also discussed the research outcome on statelessness and IDPs conducted by HSA. The workshops were held in Thailand from 24 to 29 August, 2010.





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